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Can you provide an Excellent Service Level? Can you commit to a paying customer to react quickly, professionally and provide service within 24-48 Hours (In normal circumstances)? Do you want more Chargeable Repairs? Do you want to grow your Chargeable Customer Base or Maybe you just want a few extra jobs as a ‘Diary Filler’ or a ‘Top-Up’ to existing workloads?

If that sounds like you, then we are recruiting! At National Appliance Care, we can offer:

  • Local, Targeted Advertising
  • An Increase in Fully Chargeable Job bookings
  • Payments directly to you from the customer, improving ‘Cash-Flow’ – No waiting 30+ Days!
  • Build Customer Relationships from NAC Generated Repairs and improve repeat business in the future

Who are we?

National Appliance Care (NAC) is the fastest growing repair network within the UK Appliance Industry and is the leading company for chargeable repairs throughout the UK. NAC generates 1000’s of fully chargeable repairs up and down the Country but does NOT take the ‘Lions Share’ of the repair income unlike all or most other Work Providers. NAC is unique. NAC is the ONLY Company in the UK doing what we do. So… What do we do? We use extremely good, well learned and forever developing marketing to generate fully chargeable out of warranty repairs for Independent Local Engineers. We take customer enquiries in to our small call centre in Wakefield, discuss appliance problems with customers and if they need an Engineer, we will quote the relevant Service Charges associated with a repair and book the repair. When a repair is booked, you would receive the following information:

  • Customer Name*
  • Customer Address*
  • Customer Telephone Number*
  • Appliance Type & Fault Description*
  • Service Charge quoted*

All you then have to do is contact the customer, confirm the details and diarise the visit. At that point, you would ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ the repair.

How you get paid…

You get paid directly from the customer. After all, if & when you’ve accepted the repair, it’s your customer! All customers that we book are told that the engineer will require payment on site unless other arrangements are agreed (i.e A Landlord / Letting Agent requires Invoicing etc). In this instance we would contact you and agree the terms before booking the repair.

Why we do what we do…

Within the Whitegoods Industry, there are a number of large ‘National’ companies with large advertising budgets that advertise for out of warranty or ‘Chargeable’ repairs by competing with smaller, Local Engineers. Although they do provide the service that they advertise, in most instances, they simply ‘Sub-Contract’ the repair to a Local Engineer and pay a fraction of the income they have generated per repair. In most instances, they also source and supply all the spare parts required for any repair and retain any profit on the spare parts.

This ultimately means that although you as a Local Engineer is doing the repair, and usually always ‘Administrating’ the repair, you will not be receiving the full income for the repair and income is restricted by not being able to source and supply your own spare parts.

With National Appliance Care, our aim is to compete with these larger companies so we can provide Local Engineers with an opportunity receive more Fully Chargeable Repairs while maintaining the ‘Lions Share’ of the income.

What does it cost?

Nothing or very little is free in life, so it’s quite simple. For every job you accept, we charge a fixed rate booking commission of £20. We charge our booking commission after you have accepted the repair so you have an opportunity to confirm the repair with the customer directly and decline the repair if it’s not something you can do. If you decline the repair, you do not get charged. You only pay for what you do and you pay after you’ve made your visit so there should never be any instances where payments from you ‘out of pocket’!

What about Spare Parts? Simple – You quote for and supply your own spare parts so you retain 100% of the spare part mark up. Other work providers insist on supplying the spare parts so not only do they take a slice of the Labour for booking the repair, they make all the mark up on spares. Overall, this equates to a lot more than £20 so we’re probably the cheapest Work Provider to get work from when you look at the bigger picture and do the maths!

Whether any repair generates £80 or £200 Income, our commission remains fixed.

When you pay us…

Invoices are generated weekly and will contain all jobs ‘Accepted’ for the previous week. This means you should never be in a position to pay ‘Upfront’ as by the time you’ve received your invoice and by the time that invoice will become payable, you should have already completed the call or at the very least, been out and have parts on order therefore you would have collected the quoted Service Charge.

Prior to joining our network, we will talk through everything with you over the telephone and send you a PDF fully explaining the processes.

Want to see how we stack up against other ‘Work Providers’?

JTM / 0800 Repair
£40.00 (Average)
High Demands = Yes
Spare Part Profit = £0.00
Payment = 30 Days or more
Debits at a later date = Yes
Affected if they go bust? = Yes
£40.00 (Average)
High Demands = Yes
Spare Part Profit = £0.00
Payment = 30 Days or more
Debits at a later date = Yes
Affected if they go bust? = Yes
ISE (No Longer Trading)
£50.00 (Fixed)
High Demands = Yes
Spare Part Profit = £0.00
Payment = 30 Days or more
Debits at a later date = Yes
Engineers not paid = Yes
National Appliance Care
£49 - £85 PLUS PARTS!
High Demands = Yes
Spare Part Profit = 100%
Payment = Direct from customer
Debits at a later date = No
Affected if we go bust = No

NAC is now in its third year of growth and as we are fairly new within the industry, we understand and appreciate that a business model like ours which is very different to traditional and current ‘Work Providers’ may raise a few questions because our concept is quite simply a dream come true to those that rely on contract work and have small or no volume cash repairs or to those that just can’t grasp the forever developing and frustratingly changing world of online marketing & advertising.

In our opinion and the opinion of those we’ve asked, Engineers would prefer to pay commission for something they have than pay for advertising that is often expensive and committed for ‘X’ time which may lead to either very little or nothing.

Compare Income to other ‘Work Providers’…

If you would like to compare NAC generated repairs to repairs supplied by other Work Providers, here is a relatively straight forward comparison exercise you could do that will show you that work via NAC is not only lucrative and will boost your cash-flow but compared to other Work Providers, will earn you more income & profit for the same work…! This analysis and should take no more than 30 Minutes. To do this, you’ll need to know what we at NAC call a ‘Door Cost’. A door cost is an average fixed cost involved in getting your toolbox to a door, door costs will vary between businesses and will be determined by fuel, staff etc etc. Here’s a Door Cost calculation example:

Let’s say I’m a Sole Trader & working from home, if I knock on average 80 Doors per Month for to look at or complete a repair to an appliance and I pay £300 for my van (Inc Insurance), I spend on average £150 on fuel, my PLI Insurance is £30 PM, my internet & phone bill is around £50 PM and my Gas Safe Registration is about £30 PM. That means in total I would spend around £560 PM on my fixed costs to get my toolbox to those doors. If I divide my fixed costs by the amount of jobs that I do, I end up with an average door cost of £7.00

When you have a door cost, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Determine Figure A – Total Income: Take the last say 10, 20 or 30 repairs you’ve done for any other Work Provider and add up all the income these repairs generated for your business, including any parts fitted where you make a profit (If you do not make profit on spares, you can leave them out of this calculation as it will zero out anyway) so you end up with a ‘Total Income’ figure.

Step 2: Determine Figure B – Total Cost: Then work out your total cost to do the repairs, which will include all spare part purchases and your total door cost (door cost x however many jobs you are comparing against).

Then simply minus Figure B from Figure A and there is your profit from the repairs. Payment Terms: 30 Days +, Risk of future debits, non-payments or short payments: Yes, Your business out of pocket if the work provider goes bust: Yes.

Now for the same repairs but via NAC: 

Step 1: Determine Figure A – Total Income: Using the identical repairs, work out Figure A by using NAC quoted repair charges (Get in touch if you need a pricing matrix) then apply ALL the spare parts you fitted at what would have been your FULL RRP so you end up with a ‘Total Income’ figure.

Step 2: Determine Figure B – Total Cost: Add your door cost together with any part purchases and our booking commission for each job so you end up with a ‘Total Cost’ figure.

Then simply minus Figure B from Figure A and there is your profit from the repairs. Payment Terms: Immediate – Directly to you from the customer while on-site, Risk of future debits, non-payments or short payments: No. Your business out of pocket if the work provider goes bust: No.

From both totals, you’ll then see that cash-flow is better, payment risk has been eliminated and overall, NAC generates more income and profit for the same jobs compared with other well known Work Providers**

What do I do next? – Get in touch…

Simply fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you to have a chat and if we’re both happy at the end of it, we’ll get the ball rolling.

Business Trading Name (Required)

Owner / Director / Contact Name (Required)

Email Address (Required)

Telephone Number (Required)

Web Address (If Applicable)

Skill Sets (Required)

Areas Covered (Please list all Postcode Areas, i.e AB1, AB2, AB3 etc)

How did you hear of us? (Required)

*All NAC generated Repairs will shortly be moving on to SERVICEmate for Job Administration. SERVICEmate is a custom built Job Management System that has been designed for both Work Provider and Service Provider by Engineers and Management. 

**This statement is based on research carried out using 5 different sets of 10 jobs booked at NAC for our Network (50 Jobs in total – September 2013). Income comparison was compared using payment rates from: Repaircare, JTM Contracts / 0800 Repair, ISE Appliances and using spare part purchase & RRP prices from Connect Distribution.

Some Recent Engineer Feedback:

Eddie Laycock, East Lancs Domestic Appliance Repairs:

We’ve been using this service for the last two weeks and I have to say, it’s been very worthwhile. In three days this week, we took in ten calls from this site.
That’s ten calls over and above what we took in from other sources.
I would recommend it to anyone thinking about it, definitely.


Jamie Parry, Appliance Solutions:

Hi ppl, we find the concept very good we have been on as an engineer with yourself for sometime now and find the work exceptionally good, customers seem very pleased with service received and we often have tips given to engineers . We have looked at the accounts for work provided by national appliance care for the last 3 months and are very pleased with the results .

Good job keep up the good work 

Appliance Solutions

Robert Murphy, Appliance Care Manchester:

Finding National Appliance Care has provided us with some useful work recently, no problem with the system, everything’s great! 

Bob M

Tony Clifton, AirKool Domestics:

Would recommend @UKApplianceCare to any business as long as they are not in Norfolk

Tony @airkooldomestic

Recent Feedback:

  • The washing machines going like a dream! Thankyou again for not giving up! Happy Christmas, Jane and Julian from Rectory cottage Jane & Julian

  • Excellent service! Came same day to fix my washer, was polite, courteous and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend! Mrs Hill

  • BIG thank you to Darren who fixed my washing machine within 15 mins. (My husband had told me to go out and buy a new one)I rang in the morning and Darren was with me by 1.30pm. Fantastic Service Thanks will recommend you to family and friends. Julie Tiley

  • The engineer arrived within the times he'd said, was very polite and efficient. He explained the problem, repaired it, and gave me advice on how to prevent it happening again. I coudn't have asked for more Kathryn Knight

  • Excellent service, would certainly use them again and recommend them to anyone. Kathleen Cropper

  • Fantastic service very prompt and polite would recommend to anyone Jackie Gant

  • Fixed my washer machine on the same day i called ,what a live safer .Thank you Diane Bower

  • The most amazing HONEST, FAST service ever! Jacqui Jones

  • Very pleasant young man. Kept his promise to telephone, did so and then arranged a time to visit. Attended the appliance in a very professional manner and seemed to have everything at his fingertips. Very impressed and would recommend him and use him again. Pauline Mitchell

  • Cooker repair. Quick to respond and identify the problem. Had the part in stock and quickly made to repair. He was polite, worked in a professional and tidy manner. Will use him again and highly recommend him. Mrs Hazel Littleboy

  • Great service – a quick turnaround and a good price. Would recommend to anyone and will use again. James Smith

  • An excellent service. Polite, friendly and punctual; my washer is now working perfectly again…thank goodness. The engineer explained the problem and fixed it quickly and efficiently. I will be using this service again and will recommend to friends and family. Amanda Stocks

  • This guy really knows his stuff. Stuck to schedule and cost very impressive. A.whiteley

  • Excellent service. Phoned to confirm time due and arrived at that time. Would recommend to anyone.Mrs Ward