NAC Virtual Callout Session

Do you want to avoid waiting a day, 2 or 3 for an initial callout & diagnosis to your faulty appliance to then possibly being told that it needs a part and won’t be done there’n then anyway?

A lot of faults can be rectified over the phone or within minutes of an Engineer arriving that you may have been able to do yourself if you had the benefit of a prompt, which would save both money & time.

If it is clearly obvious that you do need a repair, you are faced with many dilemmas as well as having the inconvenience of a fridge not cooling or an oven not heating. Some of these dilemmas may be:

  • Do you go for a local repair?
  • Do you opt for a ‘Fixed Price’ repair?
  • What about using the Manufacturer directly and taking out a repair & extended warranty plan?
  • What if it can’t be repaired, I don’t want to pay for a visit if this is the case
  • Or – Is is just easier and quicker to buy new?

The first thing you need to know before you can make an informed decision is what’s likely to be wrong with the faulty appliance and how much is it likely to cost to repair. When you have this information, you can then make an informed decision as to which service is going to suit you best, both financially and timeframe.

Here at NAC, we are now pleased to offer a ‘Virtual Callout’. The NAC Virtual Callout is a service whereby we offer you an opportunity to have a phone call or a ‘Live Chat’ session with an Engineer who will be able to advise the likely faults and approximate costs of repairs to any faulty appliance based on your fault explanation & model details. From there, you will be able to make a better choice on whether to employ a local repairer, a ‘Fixed Cost’ repair, Manufacturer service or whether it’ll be quicker and more cost effective to buy new.

The cost for this service is £20 + VAT. NAC Virtual Callouts include:

  • A phone call to a landline or mobile
  • A call or chat session at a time to suit you between 7AM – 7PM Monday-Friday
  • A full virtual analysis of the fault description and providing model numbers are given, prices on parts that are likely to be required
  • Advice on who to use and what to look out for when booking a repair

How to book an NAC Virtual Callout…

Arranging a Virtual Callout is simple, just follow the options below and you’ll have booked a session at your convenience within a minute or two. Please note that this service is available between 7AM & 7PM Monday – Friday. Please allow up to one hour for ‘ASAP’ requests as out Engineers may be helping other customers at the time of your session booking. Once payment has been made, we will email you immediately to request contact details and we will confirm the session appointment.

Please choose your session choice…
Appliance Type
Date & Time requested

The NAC Guarantee…

  • An NAC Virtual Callout session will be made by an experienced and time served engineer
  • For gas appliances / gas faults, your session engineer will be a Gas Safe Registered engineer (NAC is a Gas Safe Registered Company – Number 560786)
  • If for any reason we cannot assist you (for example, your appliance is a commercial appliance), NAC will process and immediate & full refund
  • If we fail to make contact or attempt to make contact with you at your chosen time, NAC will process an immediate & full refund – Please note, we will attempt to contact you for up to 30 Minutes after your chosen time. If you need to change the time, please let us know by emailing: We operate this service between 7AM & 7PM, Monday – Friday


Recent Feedback:

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  • BIG thank you to Darren who fixed my washing machine within 15 mins. (My husband had told me to go out and buy a new one)I rang in the morning and Darren was with me by 1.30pm. Fantastic Service Thanks will recommend you to family and friends. Julie Tiley

  • The engineer arrived within the times he'd said, was very polite and efficient. He explained the problem, repaired it, and gave me advice on how to prevent it happening again. I coudn't have asked for more Kathryn Knight

  • Excellent service, would certainly use them again and recommend them to anyone. Kathleen Cropper

  • Fantastic service very prompt and polite would recommend to anyone Jackie Gant

  • Fixed my washer machine on the same day i called ,what a live safer .Thank you Diane Bower

  • The most amazing HONEST, FAST service ever! Jacqui Jones

  • Very pleasant young man. Kept his promise to telephone, did so and then arranged a time to visit. Attended the appliance in a very professional manner and seemed to have everything at his fingertips. Very impressed and would recommend him and use him again. Pauline Mitchell

  • Cooker repair. Quick to respond and identify the problem. Had the part in stock and quickly made to repair. He was polite, worked in a professional and tidy manner. Will use him again and highly recommend him. Mrs Hazel Littleboy

  • Great service – a quick turnaround and a good price. Would recommend to anyone and will use again. James Smith

  • An excellent service. Polite, friendly and punctual; my washer is now working perfectly again…thank goodness. The engineer explained the problem and fixed it quickly and efficiently. I will be using this service again and will recommend to friends and family. Amanda Stocks

  • This guy really knows his stuff. Stuck to schedule and cost very impressive. A.whiteley

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